The advantages of cylindrical containers are numerous. The importance of a container goes far beyond being a simple container for a substance.

Containers fulfill multiple functions and their composition, shape, and even their manufacturing method can become very important when the time comes. In addition, all these aspects will provide certain characteristics, benefits, drawbacks, etc. Therefore, choosing the optimal packaging means achieving the perfect marriage between the material to be packed and its container.

The interaction of the container and the content is something to keep in mind. And in the following lines we explain it with more clarity.

The importance of the type of packaging and its functions

The packaging is an indispensable companion to the product it contains. And this is so for several reasons related to its functionality that we detail below.

Conservative and protective

Above all, in certain types of materials, such as products for large food, phytosanitary and cosmetic consumption, maintaining their conditions is essential.

Manufacturing with the right materials to guarantee blocking against moisture, air or dirt is very important, but the shape is also another factor to take into account. Sometimes, even if the material is the right one, an inappropriate shape causes the container to not fulfill its purpose.


Given its condition as a means of transporting the article it contains, both the material and the shape of a container must facilitate this function. It is important that it is a type of packaging that is easy to pick up and transport from one place to another. But you also have to consider the storage possibilities.

At Triana we know that multiple issues come into play in the production of a container:

    • Design: a theoretical approach must be made, and later a prototype.
    • Software: the operation of the programs must be adapted both to the design and to the production by the precise machines and tools.
    • Engineering: staff must have specialized knowledge to accurately calculate every aspect of the model.

Advantages of cylindrical containers

A good container must present certain characteristics that are what define its efficiency. In other words, it must adequately fulfill the purpose for which it was designed and manufactured. For this, the most appropriate one for each product must be chosen.

In the case of cylindrical containers, their great adaptability makes them a very versatile alternative. Therefore, it is a highly demanded packaging to contain various types of products.

We started this article by alluding to the many advantages of cylindrical containers, and now we explain them to you.

Hygiene and cleanliness

One of the benefits of using a cylindrical packaging is given by its lack of sides and angles. This circumstance prevents dirt from being lodged in any of these corners, both in the container itself and in its enclosure.

Volume and capacity

The advantages of cylindrical containers in terms of their capacity go through considering the type of product for which it is needed.

It is true that this type of container is used very frequently for medical or cosmetic products. In fact, at Triana we have various examples: creamtubs for tabletscontainers for granules, etc.

Again the absence of sides is a point in its favor. In this way, there are no empty spaces in the corners, as can happen for example in cube-shaped containers.


One of the most important points of a container is its ease of handling. The cylindrical containers are easy to hold, since human hands are prepared to perform this gesture naturally. On the other hand, to hold square packages, the hand must make an effort.


Design and harmony in a container is, although it may not seem like it, as important as everything else. And that is so because this concept covers a wide spectrum of issues: from product and brand identification to presentation and labeling. At Triana we deal specifically with this point through our packing customization service.


Cylindrical containers have very few edges, which reduces the chances for people to injure themselves if the container falls or simply by touching and grasping it.

Clasp type

Screw caps are perfect to use on cylindrical containers. They are very safe and effective lids. In addition, there are options especially aimed at keeping the safety of the little ones.

Thanks to our long history as specialists in packaging and manufacturing of plastic containers, we know all these aspects in depth. Likewise, our experience confirms the benefits of cylindrical containers.

At Triana we take care of the entire process in our facilities (adjusting it to the highest quality) to get the packaging you need. Contact us and we will inform you of our catalog and news.


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