At Triana, we always seek excellence in all our production processes to be able to offer top-quality plastic containers that, at the same time, respond to the new needs of the consumer, providing new designs and benefits of great value to the user.

KLEK was born from this dedication and commitment. This is a practical and innovative gel capsule dispenser that makes it easier, simpler and safer to dose food supplements, nutricosmetics tablets, and medicines. With every press of the push button, a single capsule falls into the user’s hand, so the consumer can only touch the units that are going to be consumed directly.

It is an important leap into the future in the area of tablet packaging that will provide multiple advantages in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.



As we discussed in the product presentation, the KLEK mechanism prevents the user from touching all the capsules in the container, since it only releases one unit for each press of the push button. This mechanism, together with its hermetic sealing, guarantees that all the capsules are always kept clean and in perfect condition, isolated from the outside, free of dust and moisture, complying with all sanitary measures and protocols.


With a simple push of the top button, the capsule dispenser releases a single unit into the user’s hand. Without a doubt, this is a much simpler way that simplifies to the maximum the traditional packaging model with a manual opening and closing lid.

In addition, our innovative high-quality dispenser features an ergonomic design with compact size and lightweight, very easy to carry.


KLEK has a modern and attractive aesthetic, with a careful design of organic lines, which adapts to the corporate identity of any company, also transmitting elegance and distinction.


The KLEK medicine dispenser allows you to store up to 45 size-0 capsules in a compact format, avoiding having to refill it every week. Also, its translucent plastic allows you to see how many capsules are left without having to open the container.


The KLEK mechanism has obtained the utility model patent. It is a distinction that the State grants to every new form, configuration or arrangement of elements of some artefact, tool, instrument, mechanism or object or some part of it that allows a better operation, use or manufacture of the object that incorporates it and provides utility. This distinction is a recognition of the investment of time, money and effort associated with the research carried out by Triana to create the innovative and inventive gel capsule dosing mechanism.


Manufacturing packaging for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries is part of the origins of IP Triana, responding to the needs of small laboratories and pharmacies that required new packaging formats for their new products.

Over the years, we have become a trusted supplier for multiple Spanish and international laboratories, consolidating our quality commitment by obtaining the main certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 13495) and expanding our facilities with an ISO 7 Clean Room, equipped with a decontamination system by ultrafiltration of the air.

Thanks to this, we have developed a high specialization in dispensers of tablets and gel capsules also for the nutraceutical or food supplement sector, both in the development of specific projects for our clients and in the design of our own range of innovative products, highlighting the KLEK gel capsule dispenser.

Due to its high-quality plastic material, the practicality of its innovative dosing mechanism and its light and ergonomic design, KLEK represents a great leap in the packaging of tablets that will surely mark the future of packaging and capsule dispensers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutritional industries.


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