Cosmetic packaging is a good example of the importance of visual perception in choosing a product. In an industry where production is based on the improvement of personal appearance, it is logical to use the appearance of the packaging as a means of communication.

Jars, pots or tubes contain products intended to take care of our appearance, and their external customization serves important uses. First, it represents what these products contain and what they can do for you. Thus, colours or patterns can transmit energy, vitality, harmony, etc. And the ways of customizing packaging for cosmetics are directly involved in achieving this goal.

How to customize cosmetic packaging?

To begin with, when making a container for cosmetics, the materials to be used must be chosen, as well as the shape of the container. But do not neglect its customization. Currently, more than half of consumers declare that they take into account the appearance of the packaging when purchasing a cosmetic product.

In terms of materials, plastic is one of the most demanded ones in cosmetic packaging. Its great versatility, in addition to characteristics such as impermeability or resistance, makes it an option with all the guarantees. And if the design of an attractive packaging for the final consumer is added to all this, good results are assured.

There are different methods to carry out the customization of the packaging.

Thermal printing and engraving

Thermal printing can be used on bottles as well as caps and caps. This is a method of printing through thermal transfer. The heat, between 100 and 300 degrees, acts on a thin film that contains the motif to be printed. When applied, it is etched on the surface of the container.

Screen printing and pad printing

Both are printing techniques. The first, screen printing, is aimed at printing larger logos while pad printing is used for medium or small designs. The first thing is to establish the photolith on transparent paper. From there, a nylon screen is made with the design. An emulsion is applied on the screen that ensures that the figure is fixed on the packaging.


The colouring can be done in two moments namely during the drying and injection processes of the parts, or once they have already been manufactured. There is a wide range of colours to choose from.

Varnished and metallic

These two processes help to add shine to packaging. More specifically, varnishing covers the surface with a kind of lacquer or varnish. Paint can also be used.


What are the benefits of personalization in cosmetic packaging?

The value of good packaging is indisputable. It is about protecting the content in such a way that its properties remain intact. But also the need to influence the potential of attractiveness at first sight must be borne in mind and in this sense the benefits of good packaging come into play:

  • Define a specific, own and non-transferable image. Sometimes, even the packaging transcends the product itself. This occurs when the identification between one and the other is complete.
  • It conveys what the product contributes. For example, colours can function as symbols or contain different meanings. Thus, it is possible to associate cold tones with freshness, peace or tranquillity while more powerful colours can convey a message of vitality, energy or joy.
  • Communicate a brand philosophy. In this sense, the particularity of a container does not only serve the product it contains, but also the generality of the brand to which the cosmetic belongs.

Triana’s cosmetic containers

At Triana, we know what good packaging represents for a company: image, brand, first impressions, loyalty… There are many terms involved in the process.

We have 4 printing machines on polystyrene and polystyrene in DryOffset, and all of them have 6 direct inks. Thus, we can reach a volume of 20000 containers per hour. The entire process is carried out in a room equipped with an air renewal system through an evaporative and ecological method. The filtering capacity in these facilities is 38,000 cubic meters every hour, which protects the safety of our employees.

We carry out direct printing on the container, which facilitates the manufacturing process for the client, free of carrying out any additional work.

We work to create the best packaging for your products. We are faithful to very precise quality in the realization of the designs and the manufacture of the pieces, as well as at the time of customization.

Contact us and entrust us with your ideas. Our experience supports us.


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