Although consumers understand that aesthetics and design are the most relevant in the subject of product packaging, the truth is that health and sustainability are factors that are always present. The latest trends in food packaging have a lot to do with bioplastics, immediate consumption and customization.

In line with this, the customer demands sustainable packaging, so recyclable solutions made from biodegradable materials or ones gathered from the ocean for packing all kinds of food are frequent in supermarket aisles. We have entered the era of ethical consumption, so if you want your packaging policy to be effective you must adjust it to the new trends in plastic packaging.

Trends in plastic food containers by 2020

  • Interactive packaging: For this new year, food packaging is expected to be an interactive experience for consumers, with augmented reality technology being expected to impact the user experience. In fact, according to a study conducted by Kezzler, interactive packaging has grown by 120%, especially among young audiences.
  • Transparency: Research indicates that consumers are more willing to buy a product if they have accurate information about it within their reach. Faced with the rise of the number of consumers concerned about the environment and their health, brands must inform them about the materials used and what to do with them once the food has been consumed.
  • Sustainability: Young people are increasingly opting for brands and products related to their environmental concerns, which is why food containers made from compostable or biodegradable materials are expected to have a greater presence in the market. The eco-packaging incorporates materials that come from renewable sources such as biomass, starch or cellulose which are easily degradable alternatives with low impact on nature and the oceans.
  • Flexible packaging: the storage spaces are reduced, so the consumer prefers optimized packaging and, if possible, flexible. In this way, in addition to saving on used material, we help in reducing waste and make life easier for the user. All containers that can be sealed or those that prevent their contents from spilling are trending.
  • Smart packaging: The packaging company seeks sustainable and economical solutions. Robotics and big data help create industrial chains where automation is the protagonist. Thanks to the right software, we can label packaging saving time and resources, for the benefit of all parties. The company optimizes costs and the users have all the information they are looking for.

As you have seen, the trends in plastic food containers for 2020 have a strong ethical, environmental and technological element. This opens up a world of many possibilities, so we are in a very privileged moment when we can renew the packaging strategies and thus adapt them to the new requirements and market preferences.

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