The dosage of medications is a fundamental question for the success of their therapeutic function and in this matter, both the packaging and the manufacture of plastic containers play a major role:


  1. Medications require particular packaging with specific sanitary protocols.
  2. The containers are in direct contact with the product and must not alter its composition or cause any type of reaction.
  3. The packaging is, at the same time, a container and a dosing route. Its design must ensure an efficient mechanism for the administration of the treatment.
  4. Specially designed packaging makes counterfeiting more difficult.


Importance of dosage. Alternatives

The perfect use of a drug involves dosing it correctly because its effect ultimately depends on ingesting the necessary amount, not more, not less.

In the packaging sector, we work with a wide variety of materials and in each case, the best formula must be found. Some items have very specific characteristics (such as products for food, phytosanitary and cosmetic consumption) and the packaging must accommodate them.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that when it comes to medicines, packaging often also works as a vehicle for dosing and plastic is still the most suitable material for this type of packaging.


How the formula is presented is important

The packaging has to conform to the way the medicine is presented (liquids, capsules…). This way, better preservation is achieved and handling is facilitated. Taking a syrup is not the same as applying a cream. That’s why at Triana, we develop multiple possibilities.


The most efficient alternatives

We are aware that we must adapt to the current state of pharmaceutical formulas. Thus, our catalogue offers various alternatives.


Dosing cups

They are common for dosing liquid medications (syrups or serums) and are produced with different diameters and capacities. In addition, the markings engraved on their surface serve to measure doses easily.


Plastic measuring spoons

They are used to take medications orally when very little action is needed. They are manufactured in different formats: double, with greater or lesser depth, etc.


Tubes for tablets

They are tubes made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic with many benefits for the packaging of medicines. This material is very resistant to humidity, light and very versatile. Also, the tubes are adapted to the diameter of the tablet and different types of caps can be adjusted.

They are intended for the dosage of medicines in tablet or pill format. A well-known example is a tube for effervescent tablets.

It is noteworthy that child-resistant tubes can be made in this alternative.


Dosing syringes

They are used for oral medication dosing. There have different capacities and the screen printing of the measurement lines is done according to the design provided by the client. They are common in veterinary medicine, but also in human medicine (especially in children’s products, because they make ingestion easier).



They are used for the nasal administration of liquid medicine and work by squeezing the tank so that the fluid comes out through a small hole at the tip. In addition, their design adapts to the inside of the nose.

In their case, it is easy to calculate the dosage because it is measured with a “puff” of the tank. A “puff” is a specific amount that is administered as many times as necessary to add to the dose.


Vaginal and rectal cannulas

They are applicators for creams and fluids that are made up of a cylindrical body. They are perfect for loading the exact dose. In addition, their use is hygienic and simple.



This model of capsule dispenser was born thanks to Triana’s concern for innovation. Its new patented mechanism brings many advantages to dosing. In addition, it has a greater capacity and more comfortable handling due to its ergonomic shape.

At Triana, we are aware of the importance of medication dosing and we know that looking for efficient solutions is helping to improve the lives of many people. Therefore, we want to offer the perfect combination of quality and adaptation to consumer needs. Innovating is putting tiles on the road to the future.

Contact us and we will inform you of all the alternatives.


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