The packaging industry has, since 1995, its own showcase in our country: the Liderpack Packaging & POS Awards (convened by the Hispack Hall of Fira de Barcelona together with the Graphispack Association). Likewise, the World Star Awards, on an international scale, fulfill the same function.

In the latter, in the edition corresponding to the current year, 10 proposals with a national seal were successful, which shows that the packaging industry in our country is in top shape.

The awards have become catwalks in which packaging projects from various fields parade.

In addition, in the case of the Liderpack awards, it should be noted that they play an important role in kicking off emerging careers within the industry. They are also a right of passage to compete in the international arena. And this is because packaging that has previously stood out in this national competition participate in the World Star Awards.

What is rewarded?

The activity of the packaging industry is developed in very diverse fields, and the awards highlight all of them. Each  celebration it is about finding the packaging that provides innovative characteristics to the sector.

The packaging of a product fulfills several functions, each with its own importance. It carries out product conservation tasks (of great importance in sectors such as those related to products for food, phytosanitary and cosmetic consumption) and it is meant also to be used as a container that guarantees the proper and adequate transportation.

Aspects valued include sustainability, originality, functionality and, always, creativity. In addition, all types of packaging are covered. From the one that is directed to an end user to the one that is oriented towards a more industrial terrain. Without forgetting to highlight the packaging that serves logistics and transport operations.

At Triana we know first-hand the importance of innovation in our field of work. We have been dedicated to the packaging sector and the manufacture of plastic containers for decades. For this reason, we are aware that the production and development of the packaging industry is essential on a day-to-day basis.

The importance of sustainability in the packaging industry

The production of containers is regularly related to topics that are fully current in our historical context. In this sense, it is impossible not to mention the contributions of the packaging industry to sustainability.

It is a great responsibility to look for materials, production processes and ways of using packaging that are increasingly respectful of the environment. And within our industry, we take that work very seriously. That is why ecodesign is honored with the Liderpack Sustainability Special Award in packaging.


Likewise, their role as advertising tools should not be ignored, for which customisation is of great help. Thus, in relation to the advertising field, in the Liderpack Awards there is also a category that rewards the POS (point of sale) advertising of its products. Given that packaging can be a decisive factor in the final decision to purchase.

Furthermore, the packaging itself can become an advertising mechanism. Since the labels or the insertion of logos, etc. help to identify the product with the brand.


From the global health emergency situation that we have been experiencing for months, important changes have emerged in various fields. And this has also been the case in our sector, which is reflected in current production.

For this reason, among the works that will be presented publicly at the Fira de Barcelona on October 5, 6 and 7 of this year, a new category of awards has been established: the best initiative against Covid-19.

Who can participate?

Entering to compete in a contest of the packaging industry is possible for agents directly or indirectly related to this field.

Advertising agencies, designers or manufacturers can attend. But also, the brands that present packaging innovations related to their products. Either linked to its packaging or labeling, for example. Or, associated with the development of dispensers, packaging processes, etc.

The value of new talents is represented in the participation of students and schools that compete in the category “Young Design”.

Triana at the packaging industry awards

From our position, in Triana, we believe that participation in fairs and competitions goes beyond awards. It means collaborating, sharing, giving opportunities, helping the environment…

We carry out all our processes and designs seeking the greatest sustainability and commitment to quality and consumer welfare. And for this reason, our work has been recognized in the sector in various ways. Without going any further, last year, obtaining a mention, by ECOTAP, in the Ecodisseny Awards.

For all the reasons stated along these lines, we believe that holding specific competitions is a perfect way to motivate and support the development of new ideas. Constant packaging updates benefit everyone.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know everything that Triana can offer you.


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