Pharmaceutical packaging is a sector that is in continuous motion and evolution for two main reasons: The speciality of the product they contain and/or transport, and the current concerns of consumers.

Objectives, such as sustainability or ergonomics, among others, have become key points for the roadmaps of the packaging industry, including the manufacture of containers and packaging, ultimately becoming the new values of pharmaceutical packaging.

Adjusting Pharmaceutical Packaging to the Current Situation

In any sector, the market is subject to changes coming from multiple directions. In the pharmaceutical field, this can be particularly complex.

The importance of the wrapping of medicines, as well as their packaging, is indisputable. They function as protection for materials that are particularly sensitive to any external agent (temperature, humidity, etc.). The fact is that any change in a medicine’s composition can cause it not to generate the effects for which it was designed. That is why it is essential to keep them intact.

At Triana, we are aware of the need to unify what’s happening in the world with the manufacture of our packaging. For this reason, we look for ways to adapt our products to the realities that these changes bring within the context that surrounds us.

We know that good packaging responds to the needs of consumers. In fact, the success of a product’s wrapping and packaging can be measured in its ability to respond to these demands.

It is about connecting our product — the packaging — with the consumers. We believe that it is necessary to take what happens outside our facilities and apply it to the production that takes place behind the scenes. In other words, we must pay attention to what kind of product users want, study consumer trends, etc. Towards this end, we include in our work philosophy the points detailed below.

Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging

As we mentioned, we are trying to move the pharmaceutical packaging industry forward in parallel with the current global situation. In light of this objective, we include in our work philosophy the points detailed below.


Sustainability is a growing trend in almost every sector — and the field of packaging is no exception.

Today, single-use plastics are one of the main causes of pollution. To combat this, Triana is both a player in, and a witness to, a shift towards minimisation, focused in two directions:

  • The materials: There is a tendency to reduce the amount of material used to achieve a reduction in overall weight. Still, new avenues are beginning to emerge in the process of recycling. New alternatives are now being sought: The repurposing of surplus materials, the search for new uses for objects that have finished their useful life, etc. What’s more, new materials are also joining the scene, thanks to investment in R+D, such as mono-material packaging and biodegradable plastics.
  • The processes: As far as production is concerned, minimising is about saving resources and energy. It is true that, little by little, new practices are being implemented to achieve these objectives, both in the use of renewable energies in the production processes, and in the optimisation of the machinery Committing to these alternative forms of energy means reducing the environmental footprint of industrialisation, while the specialisation of technology also contributes to reducing the energy required for the manufacture of our products. This is because fewer devices are needed, and it is likely that these more modern pieces of machinery will be more energy efficient, as well.

Ergonomics, Efficiency, and Safety

Consumer demand leads us to prioritise ergonomics and efficiency in pharmaceutical packaging. We all prefer products that are easy and convenient to handle. Our packaging is no different.

The packaging of products for large-scale food, phytosanitary, and pharmaceutical consumption is subject to constant handling. For this reason, ergonomics is of particular importance here. Packaging that is easy to hold is packaging that is comfortable and can be handled without difficulty. Remember that pharmaceutical packaging also works, on occasion, as a dispenser.

In addition to all of the above, the importance of the safety of the containers must be mentioned, as we are talking about protecting particularly vulnerable users. That is why, for example, designs are made to prevent easy opening by children or the elderly.

Advertising, Marketing, and Brand Recognition

Companies are increasingly aware of the need to differentiate themselves. This is where packaging can be your ally. Packaging decorated with an attractive design, or colours that represent a brand, are very powerful recognition factors.

We know, first-hand, the value of packaging within corporate marketing. That is why we offer you the option of customising your packaging according to your preferences.

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If you want to know more about the current trends in pharmaceutical packaging, do not hesitate to contact us and meet us. We will explain everything we can do for you.

At Triana we are committed to quality, and we adapt our experience to the present.


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