The packaging industry in Spain has had the ability to overcome difficulties and stay on its feet. But not only that, in recent years, it has also grown thanks to electronic commerce and the growing interest of users to make their purchases online.

The food sector has also been key, helping innovation to be part of the process, partly due to the demands that packaging must comply in Spain. In this way, a significant investment has been made so that all packaging complies with the required health and traceability regulations, without affecting the quality, flavour or texture of products.

But how has the evolution of the sector been in recent years?

Keys to the packaging industry in Spain

Some points to understand the expansion that this sector has experienced:

  1. It is an essential sector: Those who bet on this sector know that their services will always be necessary. Packaging ranges from beverages to cosmetics, food, pharmacy or any product that reaches the end-user. Except for fresh products, the rest of the items are subject to packaging. And even fresh produce is increasingly being served processed, which also requires trays to display to the public.
  2. Reduced sizes: society is becoming more individual and family models have nothing to do with those from a few years ago. The market demands proposals for singles and single-parent families.
  3. Generate employment: the increase in demand has favoured not only direct but also indirect contracting through associated services such as logistics.
  4. Eco-friendly materials: the packaging industry in Spain is increasingly concerned about offering materials with a low impact on the environment. Commitment to the natural environment is a concern not only for end-users, but also for many companies, and this is reflected in investment in R&D and how alternatives to single-use plastic emerge. Some examples are bamboo, cork, avocado seeds and everything that comes from recycled materials.
  5. Personalization: brands know how important image and graphic design are to sell. Customized packages are becoming more and more common and since the cans with proper names that Coca-Cola launched a few years ago, we have been able to see similar actions in other segments.
  6. Technology: none of this would be possible without the investment in technology that the sector has bet on. Technology has not only made the sector more competitive, but it has also increased the health and safety measures, for everyone’s benefit. In addition, many supports incorporating additional measures such as temperature control or the condition of the packaged product.

In summary, it could be affirmed that the packaging industry in Spain is so solid thanks to the fact that it has been able to remain at the forefront, meeting the needs of consumers.

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