Getting to know about the types of pharmaceutical packaging on the market is an essential first point. And it is necessary to find the one that best suits the particular characteristics of the substances they are going to contain. For this reason, it is essential to follow exactly what is indicated by the Pharmacopoeia, both Spanish and European. As well as being aware of compliance with everything indicated by the Spanish Agency of Medicines.

We must keep in mind that we are talking about fundamental elements within the health system gear. Since both its design, as well as its manufacture and service, are aimed at keeping the medicine in perfect condition.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the packaging that is chosen. Above all, taking into account that the models, materials, and designs are very diverse. In addition to changing depending on different aspects, such as technological innovations or concern for sustainability.

The field of pharmaceutical packaging is like a blockbuster with its main actors, directors, and producers. And of course, with your favorite nominees. Join us! Don’t miss the premiere!

The first approach to the types of pharmaceutical packaging

First of all, we are going to establish a first difference, which everyone can see. Since it is the one that any end-user is going to find, who goes to a pharmacy to buy medicine. It is about pharmaceutical packaging for sale.

In this sense, the types of pharmaceutical packaging are classified, firstly, into immediate packaging and the external packaging. The latter are the ones that function as wrappers for primary packages. Although sometimes they also carry some additional utensils or accessories for the administration or measurement of the medicine they accompany.

But they are the first, immediate packaging, on which we are going to focus our attention. Since they directly contain the drug. That is, to the one who is in contact with him and, therefore, in charge of preserving his properties on the way to the end customer. And also facilitating its consumption or application.

Pharmaceutical packages intended for use by the general public are presented in a smaller format. In contrast, those aimed at a clinical or hospital setting tend to appear larger and, perhaps, with more complex or specialized usage characteristics.

What is the most popular pharmaceutical packaging?

At present, it is impossible to talk about pharmaceutical packaging without referring to the pandemic situation in which we have been immersed for more than a year. Well, it has directly affected the sale of certain drugs. And in turn, logically, it has influenced the increase in demand for certain types of pharmaceutical packaging.

For this reason, considering the statistics collected in pharmacies, the consumer has opted above all for medicines with a presentation in tablets, capsules, or tablets. Since sales, to a large extent, have been concentrated on painkillers, vitamin supplements, etc. The companies in charge of the manufacture of drugs have been forced to increase their production of this type of drug. And, therefore, they have increased their demand in the corresponding pharmaceutical packaging. These types of pharmaceutical packaging can be found in the IP Triana product index.

The IP Triana catalog

Of different heights and capacities, cylindrical tubes respond to a demand for a variety of uses. They can work as pillboxes or contain pills besides containers for tablets or tablets, among other uses. In the latter case, we have an innovative model, including a dispenser in the container itself: Klek.

This category includes everything from effervescent tablet packs to oral tablet packs. Also, containers for tablets, tubes for pills, or containers for tablets. In addition to the variants in which child-resistant closures are implemented or other population groups that must be protected in a particular way.

Nasal nebulizers.

Other star products of recent times are nasal sprays or nebulizers. Our 30 ml plastic containers are supplied in three parts: bottle, cap (with seal), and, finally, the nebulizer with the cannula.

Our Commitment

We do not want to fail to mention our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation. We closely follow the evolution of current trends in pharmaceutical packaging. As well as concerning sustainability.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate, contact us. Trust us to manufacture your pharmaceutical packaging.


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