The ISO 9001 standard is a well-known normative compendium especially for those, people or companies, who implement a quality management system in their businesses. Well, this is precisely what this regulation is about: quality. And specifically, it is about certifying that certain processes and developments are carried out under certain parameters. It is true that compliance with the ISO 9001 standard and obtaining the corresponding certification is not mandatory for any entity, public or private. On the other hand, it is also true that adhering to it greatly facilitates the possibility of achieving an optimization of the processes that every company wants. But the definition of the ISO 9001 standard does not end here. Knowing it well means addressing other aspects, such as the reasons for its creation or who can issue its certifications, among other things.

Why was the ISO 9001 standard created?

The ISO 9001 standard belongs to a set of regulations relating to a great diversity of fields, but all oriented towards the unification of criteria. This was the main reason for the development of the standard: to unify and standardize the rules, systems and processes that govern organizations. The globalization of markets, increasingly blurred borders, or the rise of new technologies are some of the reasons that explain the progressive increase in competition. And this has brought with it an increasingly high demand for this type of certification. But, historically, the origin of ISO standards must be found in a specific entity: the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), created in 1947 thanks to the union of different national organizations.

During the 1980s, the demand for regulations in line with an increasingly global scenario was satisfied with the promulgation of the ISO standards. They function as a determined answer to the matter of quality. And they do so by highlighting certain requirements that must be met by companies around the world so that their management, development, manufacturing, etc. be so considered.

The updates are constant, responding to the evolution of the historical and social contexts that always occur. The fields of action are very varied: environment, social responsibility, risks, and security. And, of course, the one that concerns us in this text: quality, this being a main area of action, regardless of the size of the organization, or its public or private nature.

Why is ISO 9001 so important?

Any industry or company ultimately pursues the satisfaction of its customers or users. In this sense, it does not matter if it is a larger or smaller company, or where it is located. Everyone is aware that a satisfied customer is synonymous with success. Also, a powerful guarantee to get new customers is a good valuation.

Who can carry out the certification?

In Spain, there are various certification entities that can issue the certificate of compliance with the ISO standard by auditing the applicant company, and after verifying that all the requirements demanded by the standard are met.

ISO 9001 is customer-focused. To help the company achieve the standard, different very demanding audits are carried out and the performance goes through different stages. At first, it is investigated what the company meets the acceptable standards. Then, a plan is set up to achieve them.

Advantages of ISO 9001

The benefits of ISO 9001 start with its own application philosophy: continuous improvement. From there, they reach different areas. From the motivation of the team, whose management must be oriented for the long-term to investing in development, improving processes with a view on sustainability and increasing the quality of products, going through the opportunity to get new business to finally reaching a satisfied customer.

IP Triana

From our origins, at IP Triana we are focused on satisfying the needs of our brand users. And this concern governs the development of our actions, continuous improvement in the management of processes, as well as in our facilities. We are committed to the ISO 9001 standard, a certification that guarantees our quality management systems, because we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Trust IP Triana! Contact us, and we get to know each other better.


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