Packaging has become an art. It is such a relevant factor in marketing that packaging brands and manufacturers invest conscientiously in it.

The fashion trends change, and today ones have nothing to do with how food, cosmetics or medicines arrived in the shopping cart a few decades ago.

The market is becoming more competitive and it is necessary to continuously innovate, not only aesthetically but also when it comes to the technology that the packaging itself includes for monitoring such as:

  • Temperature controllers.
  • Anti-tip.
  • Temperature and humidity devices.
  • Indicators of the state of the product inside, especially useful for medicines and perishable foods.
  • Exact location of packages during shipping.

All this is already possible to find today. If you are looking for alternatives to renew the packaging, we can give you some advice.

How to give leadership to packaging

There are numerous techniques that help make customers look at a product while walking through the shelves.

Invisible packaging. This is increasingly common due to the attractiveness with which it shows the product. We refer to that transparent packaging that is barely appreciated and that we find in sausages or fish, among others. These types of packages are easy to open, they keep properly and, sometimes, we can even put them in the microwave without problems. In addition, these trays can be placed stacked or vertically, making them easy to distribute and expose. All these are advantages with invisible packaging, both for the supermarket itself and the final consumer.

Location. The products that are at eye level are the best positioned while those that are at knee level, the worst. The first area is known as a shelf’s hot zone, and the second as a cold zone. On the other hand, it should also be known that the central corridors have more traffic than the lateral ones.

Shopping experience. The consumer is more and more demanding and likes to be surprised, perceive improvements, and have the feeling of making the best purchase. Transmit exclusivity and you will have won.

Giveaways and promos. Packages with additional information and discount messages capture more attention.

Personalisation. Custom labels have a hook that makes them irresistible. Propose games and challenges on the packaging itself and you will see how the purchase intention is modified.

Pattern break. This is a classic advertising technique that says that, if, for example, milk packaging is similar in all brands, the fact of betting on something totally disruptive will automatically make a product stand out from the competition and the customer will look at what it has to offer.

Activate the senses. Smells arouse emotions. Work on your product so that the buyer looks at it the moment of making the decision. It does not matter if we are talking about food, pharmacy or cosmetics. It all adds up.

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