There is no doubt that design has always been something that causes admiration and expectations. 2020 has started and, a few days in the New Year, many wonder what the trends in packaging development are.

We present below the forecasts in the field of packaging.


Trends in packaging design and development:

  1. Packaging consolidation as an element of marketing: All brands use packaging as a distinctive element to boost their products and keep them in the user´s memory. This trend is reinforced and the investment in design and new finishing models will be key elements in the launch of products.
  2. Eco-friendly packaging: Plastic has been the main protagonist in 2019 and this will not change in 2020. Single-use plastic is under scrutiny and the European Union has already regulated its use, prohibiting some elements such as cutlery, plates and plastic sticks starting with 2021. But that does not imply that plastic is not an important material. It is versatile, hygienic, and economical and weighs little. Of course, with the new generation of products, we cannot lose sight of the respect for the environment, both in the production process and when it comes to the packaging. Recycled materials take centre stage, whether they come from specialized waste plants or from the sea itself. Everything that favours the circular economy is welcome.
  3. Personalization: Brands have the possibility of using the electronic market with more forcefulness. Thanks to this, you can make personalized deliveries, include the name of the recipient on the labels and packaging or make small runs on demand.
  4. Cost reduction: When facing times of crisis and recession, manufacturers will focus on reducing costs. The reuse of resources will bring significant changes in the way of operating, delivery times, rates and impact on the environment.
  5. Smart packaging: Logistics and packaging are closely related. Technology continues to evolve to improve the traceability of shipments, which of course includes the manufacturing process of the packaging and the materials used. Likewise, the shape of the packaging directly influences how shipments can be palletized, which helps optimize transport costs, without having underutilized spaces.
  6. Packaging made with post-consumer resins (PCR): PCR has a grey / yellow colour, gels or black spots on the resin that make it difficult to achieve a truly transparent container or one that matches the colours of a certain brand. However, many brands include more PCR in their current production lines. Some PCR and colour companies have overcome this challenge by associating and implementing dye technologies such as the Chroma G series.

As we see the trends in design and development of packaging for the next are related to sustainability and technology. Have you already detected these trends?

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